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Crema News

  • Guat Acatenango

    Crema origins: Guatemala Acatenango El Zapote

    This amazing Rainforest Alliance single origin comes from Volcan De Fuego in the Acatenango region. 75kms from Guatemala City, the farm itself is perched on the lower slopes of the town. The El Zapote farm is a coffee plantation that has been run by the Pettersen family for many generations way back from 1927. Besides [...]
  • Rocket

    Rocket Giotto: Setting the Benchmark

    The Rocket Giotto!! Originally branded as an ECM and then more recently as Rocket, this beautifully crafted machine is still manufactured in the original factory in Milan, Italy. It has been on the Australian market for around 14 years and it is at the top of its game. The Giotto has for a long time, […]
  • Swiss Water Decaf

    Let’s talk Decaf: Not all coffee without caffeine is created equal.

    There are two ways of processing coffee beans to extract the caffeine, one is a Chemical Process & the other is Water Process. The Chemical Process uses chemical solvents like methylene chloride or ethyl acetate to remove the caffeine molecules from the green bean. This can cause a “funny” or “different” taste to what you […]